Brief History of Pie Calendar

Like most software, the idea for this product came about while looking for an existing solution that wasn’t there.

In late 2022, I needed a way to show various different types of events on a single front-end calendar. The existing WordPress event calendar plugins all had some kind of drawback: They locked you into a single post type, were super bloated and had features I didn’t need, or they were just impossibly difficult to use.

So, I set out to build Pie Calendar. From the outset, my goals were to keep it as lightweight, simple, and flexible as possible. It took a lot of intense brainstorming sessions just to architect how this would work in the context of WordPress.

I brought in Elijah Mills to join the Pie Calendar team because of his extensive product development experience, as well as his development capabilities. Together, we took my ideas and vision for how the product should operate from a fundamental perspective and turned it into a fully functional WordPress plugin.

I knew from the outset I wanted to release a very capable free version on the WordPress plugin repo, as well as a Pro version that added more powerful features.

I’m proud to say in March 2023, our plugin became available on the repo and it was well received immediately. In late May 2023, our Pro version released with recurring events, support for WooCommerce, and more.

We wake up excited every day to work on Pie Calendar. Our small but mighty user base surprises us every day with their use cases and feature ideas.

-Jonathan Jernigan & Elijah Mills

Want to learn more about Pie Calendar? Check it out here.

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