Pie Calendar doesn’t follow a traditional roadmap. We try very hard not to promise things that we’re not 100% sure we can implement.

Our development direction is based largely on user feedback combined with our overall vision for the product. Both are subject to change.

Below you’ll find a list of ideas/features we’re planning to explore and try to implement. This does not guarantee that we’ll complete the idea/feature and ship it in Pie Calendar.

Ideas listed here are only for the Pro version – we do not have a roadmap for the free version of Pie Calendar.

  • Better control for which post types can be made into events
  • Global color coding per post type (so you don’t have to set the colors up on each individual post)
  • .ics export
  • Gutenberg block
  • Ability to exclude specific dates in a recurrence

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The following are roadmap items that are now completed and live in Pie Calendar with their versions noted: