Pricing Changes

Current customers: Your existing subscription and website activation limit will remain unchanged. The price of your current subscription will not increase for as long as you’re an active subscriber. Also, you can still upgrade to a higher license tier for the pro-rated current pricing before the change. Pie Calendar has been available over a year ... Read More

Pie Calendar Pro 1.3.0 Now Available

Pie Calendar Pro is an exciting release that introduces the ability to set multiple recurrence rules per event. Check out a quick demo of the new Advanced Recurring feature below. This feature has been highly requested since we introduced the basic recurring functionality available in older versions of Pie Calendar Pro, so we spent the ... Read More
Advanced Recurring Event Controls Yt Thumb

Pro v1.2 Now Available

We’re incredibly excited to bring you the latest update to Pie Calendar Pro. This release brings two primary features which we’re incredibly excited about, along with some quality of life changes and fixes. Adaptive Time Zones The underlying change to Pie Calendar’s core functionality comes in the way of what we’re calling Adaptive Time Zones. ... Read More
Pro 1.2 Preview (1)