Pie Calendar Pro 1.3.0 Now Available

Pie Calendar Pro is an exciting release that introduces the ability to set multiple recurrence rules per event. Check out a quick demo of the new Advanced Recurring feature below.

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This feature has been highly requested since we introduced the basic recurring functionality available in older versions of Pie Calendar Pro, so we spent the last few months hard at work perfecting a clean approach that stays true to the spirit of Pie Calendar’s simplicity and elegance.

Advanced Recurrence

Pie Calendar Pro 1.3.0 includes the ability to add multiple recurrence rules per event. Instead of only being able to define a basic recurrence rule (e.g. every week, every first Monday), you can now define multiple recurrence rules as well as a few new recurrence types.

To accommodate this, you’ll now find a dedicated “Event Recurrence” panel in the Gutenberg sidebar. If you’re using the Classic Editor or are defining recurrences on a WooCommerce or EDD product, you’ll find the new recurrence options in the Pie Calendar metabox.

Recurrence Rule

A recurrence rule determines the frequency and interval of a recurring event. This recurrence type works exactly like the basic recurrence rule available in older versions of Pie Calendar Pro.

Screenshot 2024 05 14 At 9.24.19 Am

Single Recurrence

A single recurrence defines a specific date on which the event occurs again. This is useful for one-off recurrences that do not repeat.

Screenshot 2024 05 14 At 9.25.17 Am

Blackout Date/Range

A blackout date/range prevents the event from occurring on a specific date or range of dates. This is helpful if you have a recurring event that should skip a certain date or range of dates.

Screenshot 2024 05 14 At 9.26.26 Am

Combining Recurrence Rules

In Pie Calendar 1.3.0, not only are there two new recurrence rule types, but you can combine as many as you wish to tailor the event’s recurrence to your exact needs. For example, you can create an event that recurs every 2 weeks, except during a specific range of dates, and also have it recur once six months from now on a specific date. The recurrence rules can be mixed and matched to achieve an incredible amount of flexibility.

The Changelog

  • New: Added support for multiple recurrence rules per event (#129)
  • New: Added hidePastEvents=true shortcode parameter to hide past events (#54)
  • A11y: Removed # from aria-labelledby attribute on td elements (#282)
  • Fix: Apple and Outlook “Add to Calendar” links were broken for all day events, fixed (#299)
  • Fix: Corrected some issues that caused turning off Adaptive Timezones to not work properly for recurrences (#302)
  • Fix: view=listDay shortcode attribute now works properly (#300)
  • Fix: Corrected issue causing GMT +0 events to not be output in some cases (#282)
  • Fix: Circle indicator in widget mode now works in dark mode (#273)

What’s Next?

Pie Calendar is still growing, and we have lots of big plans.

Next on our radar is a release focused almost entirely on accessibility issues. We’ll be working through a backlog of issues that were found during a public accessibility audit at the WordPress Accessibility Meetup, conducted by Amber Hinds and Alex Stine. You can watch it here. We have already addressed some of the most glaring issues, but thanks to their incredibly generous efforts, we have a number of other accessibility issues that we’ll be looking into to try to improve the default accessibility of Pie Calendar considerably.

Once that release is wrapped, we’ll turn to working on another feature release that will either improve an existing functionality or introduce something new and useful for Pie Calendar users.

We’re excited to continue improving this plugin, and we appreciate all of the support we’ve received over the last year. Here’s to many more!

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